“When you return home from travelling, you are a changed person. Every journey is a new, unforgettable experience which enriches your life with emotions, feelings, wisdom, knowledge and friends.  All you have to do is to travel with an open mind, respect the locals, their traditions, laws and environment, and you will be able to enjoy and cherish those memories forever!”


Dear traveller,

Welcome to my site!!

If you have managed to find me in the vast ocean which is internet, it is because you too are passionate about travel, or may be because you too have combined this passion with your work and organise travel programmes for your firm, school, club, association...

Here you will find information which will help you to understand how I can assist you with the planning and running of your next travel programme or event.

Within this website you will find very few pre-packaged proposals: this is because we will decide together the destination and the programme and everything will be tailored to suit your requirements, preferences and budget.

Feel free to contact me, let’s start this journey together!


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